Forbes to stand for regional council


Queenstown councillor Alexa Forbes will not seek re-election, and is instead eyeing a seat on the Otago Regional Council.

Forbes was first elected in 2013, and has served two terms on the Queenstown District Council.

She will stand for the Dunstan ward of the regional council.

In a press release she said she saw the next council term as “pivotal” for the region.

”Over the next three years, ORC will set the environmental direction of our communities for years to come. It’s critical that its approach engages inclusively with all sectors of the region’s communities and that strategies such as the Regional Water Plan are supported by a well-resourced science base.

”ORC is responsible for the integrated management of our region’s natural and physical resources. It is also responsible for sustainable regional well-being which it needs to deliver in partnership with local territorial authorities. Given the breadth and depth of the issues we face, it’s increasingly important that these partnerships are strong and utterly focused on the issues.”

She said ”broad regional engagement, community cooperation and genuine discussion that is grounded in the science and local evidence” was needed.

”I am well versed in the responsibilities and constraints of local government. I am not expecting to change the world and I don’t believe in magic wands – but I sense that people are now, more than ever, willing to get involved and work together to make a difference for our shared future.”