All go: Lake Hayes Estate residents Debbie Townsend and Rob Burnell show the daffodil planting scheme for Nerin Square


Lake Hayes Estate’s Nerin Square could turn yellow each spring if a bold fundraising plan wins public support.

The Queenstown suburb’s community association is hoping to crowdfund $32,000, half of which would pay for thousands of daffodil bulbs, to be planted in the square, the balance going to the Cancer Society.

The project’s originator, Rob Burnell, says the general consensus among residents is the square’s a ‘‘waste of space’’ in its current form.

Although it’ll naturally become more attractive as its trees mature, even they aren’t being looked after properly, he says.

When he was dreaming up ways of beautifying the space, daffodils were in bloom around the resort.

‘‘I thought ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if it was a field of daffodils?’

‘‘Over three or four weeks, the square would come to life.’’

Burnell says the project would preserve the square’s integrity as the ‘‘centrepiece’’ of the suburb, rather than an inconvenient traffic island.

It’d also commemorate family and friends who’ve died of cancer.

He’s come up with a concept design, refined by local architect Simon Khouri.

It has eight beds of daffodils around the square’s edge, with a heart-shaped hedge or planting scheme in the centre.

Mitre 10 Mega Queenstown’s providing the bulbs at cost price, and the Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country Community Association has created a Givealittle page — ‘Nerin Square Daffodil Initiative’.

Every $10 raised buys 10 bulbs.

If the $32,000 goal is achieved, it’ll pay for 40,000 bulbs to be planted in the first year.

The association’s planning a planting day next March when those who’ve bought bulbs can plant them in the square.