Funded: Triple Star's Amy Kirk and WHS student Zoe Crawford


The voyage of a lifetime awaits a Wakatipu High School student thanks to a Queenstown construction firm.

Zoe Crawford’s been selected for a Spirit of Adventure 10-day development trip, which will see her join up with 39 other 16-to-18-year-olds to learn valuable life skills.

Triple Star, a construction firm based at Frankton’s Glenda Drive, received 13 ‘‘exceptional’’ applications for a full scholarship to cover the $2500 voyage, shareholder Amy Kirk says.

‘‘Zoe’s application, though, was the one that resonated with us the most.

‘‘Both her application and character reference put a very strong case forward in terms of amazing grit and resilience.

‘‘As one of the youngest applicants, she was honest about not having a lot of leadership experience but recognised this as a key skill she hoped to develop through the voyage along with self-confidence and independence.’’

Kirk says the firm’s also impressed with the 16-year-old’s commitment to volunteering for community projects.

‘‘So, as well as ticking all of the boxes in terms of our criteria, Zoe seems like a great role model and the perfect fit for our first scholarship.’’

Triple Star says it’ll sponsor a Wakatipu student for the next three years to attend the course.

Spirit of Adventure Trust says teens get the chance to ‘‘learn by doing”, and the trip’s
designed to give them confidence to deal with life.

They learn how to sail and take care of the sailing boat, while cruising around the North
Island, as well as stopping off for tramps and raft racing.