Electronic songbird


At the age of eight Nicole Andrews taught herself how to play piano.

But during the creation of her debut album, In the Shallows, which she produced herself, the Wellington musician was drawn to something new.

“I experimented with writing electronic stuff and it just felt like I needed to go in that direction — this new album is fully electronic.”

This Saturday she plays The Sherwood as part of her four-stop mini release tour of her second album, A Stranger.

Produced by Rhombus’ Thomas Voyce, it is 11 tracks of “synthesizer-centred melancholic compositions and raw confessional lyrical stylings”.

It was written in three months and is a “snap-shot of a particular period of time”.

“It’s about love and loss but it’s not necessarily a break-up album.

“It’s kind of like processing love in different forms and going through not being able to love people and what that means.”

When it comes to putting pen to paper, Andrews has to write the music and lyrics simultaneously or the lyrics must come first.

When she writes the music first it becomes impossible to piece together.

She never learnt music theory so she writes in a more fluid way.

“The way I write is very much by feeling and what I like and very much by ear.”

Andrews, originally from Portland, Oregon, in the United States, says she’s from a very creative family.

Her brother is also a musician, her sister a craft blogger, both her grandma and mother are artists while her mum dabbles in jewellery-making.

“I’ve always had lots of really good creative support, it was just part of life, you just did it.”

She spent five years living in Queenstown before moving north.

She’s not played here much, though, as it wasn’t until she moved to Welly that she really dug-in with her music career.

Catching up with friends and eating good food are at the top of her to-do list once she touches down.

To hear Nicole Andrews head down to The Sherwood on Saturday, 9pm, R18, tickets $20, available on Eventfinda.