Different directions as doors close on arcade


Longstanding tenants in Queenstown’s Wakatipu Arcade are out when the shopping precinct closes
on Sunday.

Owner Skyline Enterprises plans to build a two-storey building on the Rees/Beach Street corner to replace the arcade and the adjacent commercial block which burnt down last November.

Skyline gave the six tenants 12 months’ notice

of its plan and an option to tender for sites when they’re completed next year, but store owners are moving on.
Lakeside Cafe owner Joan Walker says it’s too costly to stay: “I put a tender in here but it was too expensive, more than I expected.”

Two stores will move in together, two are negotiating new leases, and the remaining two are shutting temporarily.

Where have all the falafels gone? Tenants on the move

Anne Halson
Owner Habebes Lebanese & Vegetarian Takeaways

How long in the arcade? 21 years
Where relocating? We’re looking at new premises in quite a strong position somewhere but it depends on the person [leasing it]. It’s looking pretty positive at the moment, but if nothing works out we’ll go to the Church Street development
When reopening?
We would like to be reopened by Christmas
Feelings? I’m really excited, it’s a new beginning. Next time we’ll be a little bit bigger



Joan Walker
Owner Lakeside Cafe

How long in the arcade? 22 years, but Walker has owned it for six years
Where relocating? Undecided
When reopening? Hopefully mid- next year
Feelings? I’ve got mixed feelings. I’m going to visit my son in Canada for Christmas and when I get back in January I’m going to keep an eye on leases to see what’s around.



Elaine Elliott
Owner Elliotts – The Art of Travel

How long in the arcade? Nine years and two weeks, but we’ve been in business for 30 years
Where relocating? Undecided
When reopening? I’ve been looking but haven’t found the right spot, so until I find that I’ll just have to close
Feelings? I have mixed feelings. After being in business for 30 years it isn’t easy, but the building has to go – we’ve had so many problems with it.



Tony Hope
General manager
Annah Stretton

How long in the arcade? 12 years
Where relocating? We’re in talks for a site at the building across the road, but that doesn’t finish until May/June. I have no clear indication of securing a temporary site
When reopening? Undecided. In a perfect world we would find a site this year
Feelings? It’s just the way it is. It’s time and life and progress.



Veronica Wilson
Owner Kiwi Gift Shop

How long in the arcade? 28 years
Where relocating? 13 Beach Street (with Forest & Stream New Zealand)
When reopening? This Monday
Feelings? I’m a bit upset about it, but I guess they call it progress. I’m hoping the new premises will be better. I’m being positive.



Ruth McGrouther
Owner Forest & Stream New Zealand

How long in the arcade? Many years, there’ve been several different owners
Where relocating? 13 Beach Street (with Kiwi Gift Shop)
When reopening? This Saturday
Feelings? We’re very happy about the move.