‘Dear Henry’ letter from Prime Minister



A Queenstown student practising letter-writing at The Academy at Kip McGrath is stoked to have received a prompt response from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Henry Small (left), 11, wrote suggesting a quarantine hotel should be located in Queenstown.

Ardern responded with generous comments and, in handwriting, added: ‘‘Thanks again for your great questions, Henry!’’







Henry says: ‘‘I can’t believe it.

‘‘She wrote back so quickly, and now I know what her handwriting looks like.’’

His tutor, Sheena Ashford-Tait, is delighted, too.

‘‘The students really worked hard on their letters, editing carefully before writing them in joined-up handwriting using ink pens.’’

For the record, Ardern tells Henry Queenstown was ruled out for quarantining as ‘‘it didn’t meet the criteria around healthcare capacity’’.