Crash prompts council bid


It took a bump to the head and strong drugs to make one Queenstown candidate realise she should run for council.

Terri Anderson was flown to Dunedin Hospital after she crashed on black ice near Cromwell, suffering a fractured spine and sternum, concussion and internal injuries.

The incident three weeks ago - in which her dog Scruffy was killed – and the stint in hospital, helped her decide to stand for City Hall.

Problem was she was in a hospital bed and under doctor’s orders to ‘take it easy’.

Anderson: “I actually had to jump on Facebook from hospital and ask friends if they agreed and would nominate me. Luckily they were happy to and my partner took the forms in for me on the last day.”

Anderson, who’s now recovering at home, was born in Queenstown and has returned home after a stint in the United Kingdom and Chile, prompted by her having young family and a longing for the mountains.

As local challenges such as traffic and accommodation got worse she wasn’t convinced the town had enough direction.

“I’m concerned we are at risk of being a one-trick pony, always hammering the tourism side,” she says.

“People who live here are starting to suffer their quality of life as a consequence. I think we really need to take care of this community – people who live here shouldn’t be penalised for doing so.”

She’s a straight talker, something she puts down to a career in communications. Her accident means she hasn’t been able to get the word out because she’s stuck in a horizontal position.

Self-promotion isn’t her thing but she reckons her age, 42, as one of the youngest candidates, and attitude, means she’ll work her arse off in the role – if she can recover enough to start her campaign.