Alcohol level ‘phenomenal’

A Glenorchy man caught driving with an ‘‘extraordinarily high’’ alcohol level told a judge he’d forgotten he was forbidden from driving.

David Charles Alexander Kirkwood, 62, caretaker, was stopped by cops in Marks Rd, Haast, on July 24.

A blood test gave a result of 317mg, which is more than six times the legal limit and equivalent to a breath-alcohol level of 1585mcg.

At his sentencing on charges of drink-driving and driving while forbidden in Queenstown’s court this week, Kirkwood told Judge Russell Walker he had some ‘‘slight memory problems’’, and simply forgot he should not have been driving.

‘‘I’m sorry for what’s happened,’’ he said.

Prosecuting Sergeant Ian Collin said he had received an ‘‘insightful’’ email from a member of the community saying support was now in place for Kirkwood.

Counsel Tanya Surrey said the defendant lived in a Bedford house bus, but it would soon be rendered inoperable.

Walker said the blood-alcohol level was ‘‘phenomenal’’, but he would take a ‘‘rehabilitative path’’ to sentencing the defendant.

Reminding Kirkwood he ‘‘must stay off the road’’, he disqualified him from driving for 13 months, after which he would be subject to a zero-alcohol licence.

He also imposed 12 months’ intensive supervision to enable intervention for the defendant’s addiction issues.

Other convictions

● Zane Jameson Fitzgerald Brown, 23, wounding with reckless disregard, injuring with intent to injure, two charges of assault, February 24, Queenstown; sustained loss of traction, Industrial Pl, February 11, Queenstown, 10 months’ home detention, $1500 emotional harm reparation.

● Alexandre Antoine Chabanier, 34, chef, of Queenstown, offering to supply ketamine, June 17, 2021; offering to supply MDMA (ecstasy), April 18, 2022; possessing psilocybin (magic mushrooms), possessing cannabis, October 26, 150 hours’ community work, 15 months’ judicially monitored intensive supervision.

● Eleanor Amy Brinsley, 30, of Fernhill, disqualified driving, careless driving, Luggate-Cromwell Rd, March 3, disqualified eight months, nine months’ supervision.

● Rongomau Edwards, 29, builder, of Queenstown, threatening language, June 11, sentence deferred 12 months.

● Phillip Christopher Walters, 56, beneficiary, of Queenstown, aggravated suspended driving, Frankton Rd, June 15, 125 hours’ community work.

● Beaudine Wira, 46, of Queenstown, assault with intent to rob, October 12, four months’ community detention, 12 months’ supervision.

● Regan Harris Sweeney, 27, of Arrowtown, intentional damage (Night ‘n Day, Camp St), January 10, Queenstown, emotional harm reparation $500.

● Quentin Paul Mullen, 26, carpenter, of Kingston, two charges of assault, July 8, Queenstown, 80 hours’ community work, emotional harm reparation $500.

● Anthony William James, 47, of Queensland, strangulation, August 21, Queenstown, emotional harm reparation $1500, ordered to pay $3000 to a charity.

● Thomas George Kawe, 41, fisherman, of Albert Town, aggravated disqualified driving, Luggate-Tarras Rd, March 23, two months’ community detention, disqualified 12 months.

● Patrick Shane Cruickshank, 56, truck driver, of Albert Town, aggravated drink-driving (800mcg), Robins Rd, May 13, Queenstown, three months’ community detention, 12 months’ supervision, disqualified 28 days, alcohol interlock provisions.

● Blake Aaron Cooper, 29, of Hāwea Flat, disorderly behaviour, August 16, Wānaka, six months’ supervision.

● Michael Kent Bishop, 34, apprentice builder, of Lake Hāwea, aggravated drink-driving (107mg), Anderson Rd, March 31, analyst fees $114.95, 12 months’ supervision.

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