Council’s costly toilet trouble


It’s official, vandalism stinks.

And, as Queenstown’s council is finding out, it’s also expensive.

The council’s down in the dumps after forking out thousands of dollars for a CCTV camera to stop repeated vandalism of a public loo in leafy Lake Hayes Estate.

Council spokesman Jack Barlow says the authority splashed $2600 to install the camera at the Widgeon Place public toilet.

“The main piece of vandalism was the setting alight of the toilet off Widgeon Place. Police have laid charges over the incident,” he says.

Other vandalism included dirty plastic bags left around the site, burn marks seared into the baby change table and on the top rail of the building, minor graffiti, and toilet paper stuck on the roof.

Barlow describes the vandalism as “very disappointing”.

“QLDC [Queenstown Lakes District Council] works hard to maintain the site for the good of the community, and it’s the community that suffers when senseless incidents such as these take place.”

If anyone in the community noticed vandalism occurring in the toilets, they were urged to submit a Fix It request on the council website and provide the date and time.