Council slammed in annual survey


Queenstowners have thrown the local council under the bus.

The latest annual residents survey results – quietly added to the council’s website this week– have burned Queenstown’s council.

The report reveals satisfaction levels have dropped across the board.

An alarming 19 per cent of people, nearly one in five, are dissatisfied with elected councillors.

That’s a worrying stat for councillors and the mayor. It’s a rise from nine per cent unsatisfied in 2014’s survey and 16 per cent in 2015.

That’s a tough message for those trying to be re-elected – Wanaka’s Lyal Cocks, who’s bidding for the mayoralty, and Wakatipu councillors Merv Aoake, Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson, Alexa Forbes and Simon Stamers-Smith.

Cocks is brushing it off.

When asked if he reckons the survey results could damage his chances of snaffling the mayoralty, he says: “I’ll find out next Saturday.”

That would be October 8 – when results are announced.

The main concerns have been the same for the past three years.

This year’s top five worries are, in order: roading, parking, transport, rubbish and traffic.

Council has pushed the blame for the survey fail on the “sentiment of the community” and more younger people being surveyed.

But younger people, aged between 18-24, make up less than 10 per cent of the total 815 replies analysed.

The survey was conducted in May and June of this year but was only released on Tuesday after Mountain Scene prodded for it.

Pride in the district took a significant hit with only 84 percent of people satisfied compared to 91 percent last year.

A few survey results stayed the same as the 2015 survey – but the vast majority went down.

Young people were particularly underwhelmed by the library hours, size and systems.

Disappointment popped up in all common district-wide problem areas including affordable housing, tourism overload and infrastructure.

The message is clear – Queenstowners aren’t pleased.