Council targets Queenstown car commuters

Rejig: Campervan spots are being added to Queenstown's Boundary Road carpark

Car slots are being shed from one of Queenstown’s biggest council carparks this weekend to make way for campervans.

Sandblasting and remarking at the 171-space Boundary Road carpark begins on Friday night.

Sixty-six standard parks will be removed to create 33 campervan spaces.

The carpark, which costs $2.50 a day, is popular with commuters who work in the CBD.

As an alternative, the council has made 60 parks in the underground parking building on Church St available – at a cost of between $5 and $10 per day.

Work, which will be finished by first-thing Monday morning, should cost ratepayers between $30,000 and $40,000.

Council principal infrastructure planner Tony Pickard says there’s been “limited, but mixed” feedback on the changes.

“These changes are being done as part of the Queenstown town centre transport strategy and, as part of this, we are aiming for a 20 per cent mode shift away from private car, especially single occupancy, so if even just one out of every five people changed our transport habits, we would be meeting that target.”

The trial intends to free up parks throughout the town centre and improve traffic flow around the CBD.

There’s no firm dates for the trial, Pickard says.

This month, the council began a 12-month trial extending evening enforcement hours from 6pm to 9pm in the CBD, with other measures including a “no return within one hour” restriction in 10 areas within the CBD, preventing drivers from parking within the same zone for an hour after their first parking period has expired.

Meanwhile, a planned park and ride trial to encourage commuters to take alternative transport to and from work was shelved last week, during the final council meeting for the term.

A media statement issued after the public-excluded discussion said the trial had been “set aside” in favour of a subsidised transport service for the Wakatipu due to insurmountable compliance issues.

Otago Daily Times