Park St parking blues: Council's ordered Wilson Parking NZ to close its Park St carpark, however a barrier put up to stop cars entering was moved this week

A carparking conglomerate has been issued a ‘no parking’ ticket by Queenstown’s council.

The council recently investigated a commercial carpark on a vacant section in Park Street near Queenstown’s CBD which parking firm Wilson Parking NZ had been operating since late November.

It had popped up overnight to the surprise of immediate neighbours, former mayor Warren Cooper and his wife Lorraine.

Warren fired off an email to current mayor Jim Boult, who referred the matter to the council’s regulatory team.

Asked this week for an update, council spokesman Jack Barlow says: “The resource consent required to undertake the activity lawfully had not been obtained.

“The activity was ceased upon request from the [council] enforcement team.”

Late last month, a temporary barrier with a hand-scrawled ‘no parking’ sign was erected at the entrance to the carpark and a ticketing machine was covered up.

Asked for comment yesterday, a Wilson Parking NZ spokesperson says the property was operating as a public carpark prior to the company taking over its management daytime worker parking that had been run by a local realtor.

“When we discovered it had been operating without resource consent, we immediately initiated the application process.

“We have closed the carpark pending the outcome of the consent application.”

This Monday, however, the pop-up carpark popped up again after someone moved the temporary barrier however, though the Wilson Parking sign still hadn’t been removed, parking was free.