Comedy gold


He might reckon he’s the world’s most disorganised comedian, but that didn’t seem to matter at last week’s RAW Comedy Quest.

Hugo Huntington, 25, claimed the top spot in the ueenstown leg of the national comp, earning him a spot at the South Island finals in Christchurch on Sunday.

The local landscaper says he got into comedy by accident after helping a friend who was putting together a show in Dunedin.

“I was playing the role of a Dunedin comedian, and when I got there she said I also needed to do a stand-up set.”

That led to some regular comedy gigs in Wellington clubs, before he took a break from performing.

But after returning home to the resort, he decided to give it another crack.

He mainly draws inspiration from observational humour and things that have happened to him, he says.

“I’m definitely a storyteller, I’ve been telling stories since I was a wee kid, so this is a natural extension of that.”

He says he never writes his jokes down, which means his material is slightly different every night.

Despite his success, he says he doesn’t want to be a professional comedian.

“It’s just something to do for fun.”