Comedic counsellors


A comedy duo performing in Queenstown tomorrow might be able to solve all your problems.

Then again, maybe not: “We’ve got all the answers and no qualifications,” Nick Rado says.

He’s joined on stage by Raybon Kan.

They begin their show by asking everyone in the audience to form a question out of a problem they’ve got going on in their life.

The questions then go in a bucket and the comedians carry on with some individual stand-up.

Come the second half of the show they randomly choose a few of the audience members’ questions and offer their advice in a humorous way.

“So we’re just basically solving people’s problems whether they like it or not,” Rado says.

The duo is bringing its ‘Save The World’ tour to 24 small towns around the country.

Rado and Raybon, their duo’s self-titled name, have spent a lot of time doing comedy in New Zealand’s cities.

Raybon Kan

But, their decision to travel to small towns stemmed from Rado’s personal experience.

He grew up in a small suburb of Porirua, near Wellington, called Titahi Bay.

“Nothing ever came to us, ever, but there was this one time when a comedy act came through and the whole town came out and supported them ‘cos it was a once-in-a-blue moon thing.”

They’ve been finding that the smaller the town, the bigger the crowd.

The pair are also planning to create a podcast for each town they visit using the funniest or most awkward questions from each place.

One of the reasons they decided they’d use the audience-question idea is because it takes a long time to get enough solid material together for a stand-up show, Rado says.

This way it gives them the freedom to still do a good two-hour-length show but it doesn’t all have to be stand-up as they tap into their improv skills for the questions segment.

Both comedians are already accomplished in their own right.

Rado is a head writer for Kiwi comedy game show 7 Days, and Raybon has been named best comedian in both Metro magazine and North & South magazine.

To have your problems solved by Rado and Raybon head to Heritage Hotel Queenstown tomorrow night, 7pm, tickets $25 from Eventfinda.