'Pissed off': City Hall's confirmed it didn't talk to the Queenstown Windsurf and Kitesurf Club before blocking off access to a site they've used for years


The Queenstown Windsurf and Kitesurf Club’s demanding answers from City Hall about a ‘‘path to nowhere’’ (above) near the One Mile roundabout.

Club commodore Sue Bradley says members are ‘‘horrified’’ by the walkway, which extends for about 100 metres from the roundabout and along the Glenorchy Queenstown road, because it blocks their access to a favourite launching spot.

The path and bollards prevents kiters and windsurfers from getting to a site they’ve used for decades to park up and rig their gear, Bradley says.

‘‘There’s been no consultation with the club at all, and attempts to question the council as to what’s going on, and why, have not been answered.’’

They’re mystified by the point of a walkway that runs beside a major road and ‘‘finishes in the middle of nowhere’’.

‘‘This blocking of access is yet another threat to long-term locals’ access to and use of the lake,’’ she says.

The council did not respond to the Mountain Scene’s questions by last week’s deadline.