Circulating fashion



Two local women have started a recycled clothing boutique, concentrating on higher-end fashion, around Arrowtown and online.

Claire Brinsley and Heidi McLeod’s Pony Up follows the growing trend of buying and selling
pre-owned clothing, known as circular fashion.

‘‘We are circulating fashion back into the world, so it’s not wasted,’’ McLeod says.







‘‘We’re doing this by selling beautiful, coveted clothing and accessories, all pre-owned and pre-loved, and sometimes never worn.’’

Brinsley, a local of over 30 years who launched her clothing label, Claire Bloom, in 2006, says they’ve both felt the wastefulness, and guilt, of buying items they might wear only once.

Another aspect, they say, is giving someone else a chance to buy something that’d  normally be beyond their budget.

McLeod, who returned to the area last year after originally moving to Arrowtown in 2001, says she often spent weekends on the recycle boutique circuit when living in Sydney.

‘‘It’s like a mini-jackpot every time you come across a beautiful garment that fits perfectly, is in mint condition and costs a fraction of what it would new.

‘‘Often I’d sell something and use the credit in store — it’s a great feeling to replace  without spending money.’’

McLeod says the response they’ve had to their new business has been ‘‘incredibly positive’’.

As well as operating online, they’re open from a temporary by-appointment shop at 52  Hogans Gully Road, and planning pop-up stores in Arrowtown and Wānaka.