Choice open mic night


On the final Thursday of every month, something magical happens at Queenstown’s The Sherwood.

Songwriters and poets come out of the woodwork to air their original content — tonight is no exception.

For the past year locals Claire Forrester and Paul Marcham of Choice have been running the sessions, and loving it in the process.

“It’s a cosy atmosphere, the audience are really listening and it’s very welcoming in that respect,” Forrester says.

The duo met in the resort during 2003 and ended up combining forces musically and romantically.

Together they usually open the night with their eclectic sound they call “folk-tronic” — a combo of folk instruments and electronic sounds.

Then they open the stage up to anyone who’s keen to have a crack.

They’ve got their regulars and occasionally a diamond in the rough will turn up to perform for the first time ever.

The event itself has been running for a few years now and previous to Choice taking over the reins, as the original host moved away, they’d been part of the regular line-up.

Forrester says that aside from it being a good outlet for creatives to let the outside world in on their newest content, it’s also a good place to gain confidence.

“Everybody is very quiet for the acts, giving them their space and theirchance — it’s quite nice.”

To be part of Sherwood Song Writers Society open mic night for writers of songs and poetry, head along to The Sherwood tonight, free entry, performers get a free drink.