Super-camera’s pulling power


Lights, action – and more local shooting.

Leading Queenstown TV and movie industry figures are welcoming a new age of filming to the region.

Brett Mills, boss of top equipment suppliers Local Action, has introduced the first new state-of-the-art digital camera – called the RED – to the resort.

He believes the $100,000 cutting-edge gear will “revolutionise” the way movies, TV shows and commercials are made here and adds it will also lure new business to the Wakatipu.

“This is the first high-definition digital camera that can really compete with film in terms of quality,” he says.

“It also saves a lot of time and money as processing and editing can now be done on the spot rather than having to send film away somewhere else to get processed, which is very expensive.”

Mills reckons the RED will not only change the way film and TV projects are put toget­­­her but will also encourage big-spending production teams to stay longer in the resort.

He adds: “There are a lot of iconic sights and activities in Queenstown that have never been properly captured before because of the high cost of using film.

“But local companies will now be able to promote their businesses with extremely high quality moving images at an affordable rate, which can only be good for tourism.”

The new RED equipment was tested out for the first time recently by Emmy award-winning cameraman Mike Single. He was joined at the shoot in Frankton by local post-production expert Phil Hurring and Dave Comer, chairman of Film Otago-Southland.

Comer: “This is a very exciting development and a timely addition for the film industry in the Wakatipu.”