Neighbours can mooted carpark


A plan to create much-needed long-term car parking in central Queenstown has been shelved.

Queenstown Mountain Village Ltd, owned by Destination Queenstown chair Erna Spijkerbosch, wanted to introduce 24 long-term car parks at 32 Hamilton Road.

The carpark would be on the same site as a tenanted property the company owns – it was hoped spaces would be leased out to local workers who didn’t want the daily struggle of finding a park.

But Spijkerbosch has come up against neighbourhood opposition and says fighting it through the resource management process isn’t viable.

“We’re not going to pour good money after bad,” says a disappointed Spijkerbosch.

“It is something that we perceived the community needed and we were hoping to help in that vein.

“Although not giving us a full return in monetary terms, it would have given us the satisfaction of helping alleviate a problem in the community that we love.”

Spijkerbosch says the plans might be revisited – but not in this economic climate.