Learning how digital technology can improve your personal and working life is the aim of a new organisation starting up in Queenstown on Thursday.

Local change management specialist Roselle O’Brien is setting up a local branch of Future Leaders in Technology (FLINT), which already has branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

The organisation’s sponsored by Technology Users Association New Zealand, and membership’s free.

O’Brien’s welcoming all-comers including those transitioning into tech, ‘‘because the digital future is for everyone, and we need diversity of thought and background and perspective in technology’’.

With the launch of AI, technology’s become more accessible, she says.

‘‘People are scared it’s going to take away roles, but actually it’s here to increase productivity and give people more scope.

‘‘In some ways it will level the playing field so everyone will be able to do things that used to be specialist knowledge.’’

O’Brien says FLINT will also support Technology Queenstown which launches later this year.

She’s inviting people to join her committee, and is also planning three follow-up events.

These include a workshop on how to write a CV, including identifying one’s transferable skills, and a ‘CXO’ speed dating event in which members can hear how others have transitioned to tech.

O’Brien’s also keen to hear from people who’d like to mentor members.

Thursday’s meeting’s at The Rees Hotel, starting 6pm.

O’Brien can be contacted via [email protected]

[email protected]

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