Wandering pups won’t end up quite so lost thanks to new identification technology from the brains of a Queenstown local.

Jess McDonell has created Lost and Hound, an interactive tag system that displays a pet’s information when scanned to help identify lost pooches and any needs they may have.

The concept came from McDonell’s own experiences with her rescue dog, five-year-old Poppy.

‘‘My dog is reactive and I was always worried that her behaviour could prevent people from knowing how to shelter her and keep her safe in the unlikely event that she got out,’’ McDonell says.

Users can activate an online profile and purchase an ID tag, which costs $23, and through a monthly $2.99 subscription all their pet’s information is listed should they make a sneaky getaway.

Helping lost pups: The interactive Lost and Hound tags

People who come across a lost pet can scan the tag using their phone to access contact details, photos, training and behavioural information, and any health issues the dog may have.

McDonell says she’s always had a passion for dogs, particularly rescues, and hopes the concept will go a long way to raising awareness for dogs with behavioural issues.

But, she stresses the tags aren’t just for K9s — they can also be used by cat owners to keep their furry friends safer and alleviate some of the stress if they go missing.

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