Savvy about glam: Queenstowner Susana Tamega who's launching Glam Savvy next week


What started as frustration about four years ago has morphed into a new business for a
Queenstowner entrepreneur.

Susana Tamega, originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, moved to the resort four years ago.

In her home city it was normal for beauty clinics, and a range of wellness providers, to offer 50% off deals on a website on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the quietest period of the week.

‘‘Whenever I could, I would use that.

‘‘Moving to New Zealand I remember trying to find a website that had deals for beauty clinics, all together … I couldn’t find it.’’

While the idea’s been bubbling ever since, it wasn’t until the Covid-19 lockdown happened
Tamega had time to focus on the website, Glam Savvy, which will launch in Queenstown this coming Tuesday.

‘‘The other thing that really gave me a stronger motivation during Covid, as a psychiatrist [in Brazil], I always appreciated how beauty and wellness therapies were always super-important for mental health.

‘‘When you’re feeling a little bit down and you go and have a yoga session, go to the gym or have your hair or nails done, it helps you to feel better.

‘‘That was even more evident during Covid.

‘‘I thought now it was the time to get this done.’’

Tamega says it’s free for businesses to sign up for the website — the only thing they have to do is honour the 50% discount for clients.

They also get to pick and choose what slots they open up for deals, with a view to maximising open hours.

‘‘Even the busiest businesses will have available time slots where they could be making more money, or attracting more clients, and the idea is to take clients to their businesses at those times.’’

Her partner, Mat Weir, is the founder of First Table, which she’s used as an inspiration.

Similar to that business model, the profit for comes from a booking fee.

Tamega says once she’s got the site up and running in Queenstown, she’ll look to expand

Her next focus will be Dunedin, then Christchurch, before she targets cities in the
North Island.