Bosum buddies reunited


These little moggies (right) have been born, dumped, separated and reunited all in a matter of weeks.

Vet nurse Tracey Clark (below) says the stray ginger tabbies – both siblings – were separately brought into Pets N Vets a fortnight ago.

Two girls found the first feisty feline near Base Discovery Lodge.

When they tried to catch it, it scarpered up Shotover Street and wedged itself by a building – they had to pull it out hissing and screaming.

They took the four-week-old kitten to an animal-loving pal who gave it to the vets.

Sisters Ava Gilbert (left), 6, and Bridie (right), 3, found the second kitten perched on the battery under their mum Sue Albrecht’s car bonnet.

Albrecht guesses the kitten found its possie when she was parked at Queenstown Primary, and hitched
a ride to the family’s Lake Hayes Estate home.

She brought it to the vets too – after it bit her when she lifted it from the battery.

Vet nurse Clark says it laid eyes on its furry friend and – miaow, that’s when she knew they were litter mates.