Book series launch



Young adult life can be hard enough, but imagine having to compete in a set of treacherous trials for a dangerous cyren.

That’s what’s in store for the protagonist of a new book being launched by a best-selling Queenstown author.

Helen Scheuerer’s launching the first of a new book series, Curse of the Cyren Queen, at Sherwood on Saturday.







‘‘It’s the start of a big, epic quest across realms — there’s lots of deadly trials, magic and adventure,’’ she says.

The free event’s being held in partnership with Queenstown Writers Festival and gives people a chance to meet the author, as well as buy a signed copy of A Lair of Bones.

‘‘It’s young adult fantasy, but it’ll appeal to people of all ages.

‘‘I’m in my early thirties and I love YA fantasy.

‘‘The genre has this fresh quality to it because the characters in it are experiencing a lot of firsts and there are a lot of heightened emotions.’’

Scheuerer’s originally from Sydney, but moved to Queenstown after falling in love with the resort on holiday.

“The scenery here is a fantasy author’s dream — that’s why I’ve stayed.”

Each edition of her earlier book series, The Oremere Chronicles, became a number one bestseller within 24 hours of being released on Amazon.

The launch is being held from 4pm till 5pm on Saturday.