‘Boastful’ teen wants discharges


A Waitaki teen who posted a selfie on Instagram two days before his court appearance with a Queenstown cop whose car he later jumped on will keep his name secret, for now.

The 18-year-old was arrested on July 18 after he did almost $10,000 damage to windscreens of six Queenstown police patrol cars, which he stomped on and smashed, and damaged two private cars belonging to cops.

In Queenstown’s court last Monday, the teenager, through his lawyer Megan McCrostie, admitted all of those charges, and one related charge of resisting police.

According to the police summary, the defendant first came to police attention about 3am outside the Camp Street Night’n Day after he yelled obscenities and made offensive gestures when a cop car drove past.

The two officers stopped and asked if he was OK, but he started abusing them straight away.

After a short interaction, police left to deal with another incident, outside Bungalow, and advised him to go home — instead, he followed on foot and hurled more abuse at them.

When told he could be arrested for obstruction, he wandered off, making his way to Queenstown cop shop’s carpark, off Camp St.

There, he grabbed a road cone and used it to smash the windscreen of one private vehicle, then recorded himself jumping on the bonnet of another private car and smashing its windscreen.

On a roll, he moved to the back of the police station carpark — where the patrol cars were parked — hid while the cops returned, and then jumped on the bonnets and windscreens of six cop cars, shattering those, too, again recording some of the action on his mobile.

He was spotted in action on a CCTV screen inside the police station and then tried to run from one officer, but was nabbed against the driveway fence.

During a struggle the cop’s elbow struck a spike, resulting in a puncture wound.

After the teen entered pleas last Monday, McCrostie asked for no convictions to be entered — he’s hoping to be discharged without conviction for everything — and for an interim name suppression order to be made.

Arguing to keep his name out of the papers, McCrostie contended Judge John Brandts-Giesen needed to take into account his age, his job, his future job prospects and mental health concerns.

But prosecuting cop Ian Collin said police were opposed to the name suppression order being made.

Despite Monday being his third court appearance, he hadn’t raised name suppression up till
then and, further, Collin pointed to an Instagram post the defendant made the Friday before he was in the dock, referring to his court appearance, which he described as ‘‘boastful’’.

Underneath a smiling selfie taken with a cop before his night went south were the words: ‘‘RIP this dude’s car.’’

McCrostie said the post, since been taken down, was indicative of his maturity level and mental health issues.

Brandts-Giesen, who’d read a mental health triage report on the defendant, was swayed, ‘‘with reluctance and with a sense of misgiving’’, to issue the interim order.

It’ll be reviewed at his discharge hearing in December.

Lockdown breachers

A Cromwell woman who broke lockdown rules to spend time with her son on his birthday
has been ordered to do 80 hours’ community work.

Natasha Maree McCrostie, 25, was stopped at a checkpoint near Arrow Junction on August 24 — while New Zealand was in Alert Level 4 — telling police she lived in Cromwell and was on her way home from Queenstown.

She copped an infringement notice for that, but the next day the receptionist was stopped at another checkpoint in Kingston, where she told the cops she was on her way home to Edendale, in Southland.

In court, McCrostie admitted failing to comply with an order under the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act, by continuing to travel between the locations.

Her lawyer, Bryony Shackell, said McCrostie lives in Cromwell, but got stuck at her partner’s home in Edendale when Level 4 came into force and decided to head to Cromwell a week later for her son’s birthday.

Brandts-Giesen told McCrostie he hoped she showed ‘‘more sense’’ in the future.

‘‘Birthday parties for a child are important, but so is the health of the nation and the need for people to respect a lockdown.’’

McCrostie was also stopped by police for speeding on her way to court last Monday and had her driver’s licence suspended.

Name suppression

A Queenstown woman charged with breaching lockdown’s been granted interim name suppression.

The 25-year-old faces a charge of failing to implement and apply any accommodation service bubble arrangement and take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of spread of the Covid-19 virus in Queenstown on August 25.

Lawyer Jono Ross told Brandts-Giesen there were grounds of ‘‘extreme hardship’’ for his client should her name be published — that was primarily on mental health grounds.

The woman’s been remanded without plea to October 11 — suppression will be reviewed then.