A Queenstowner’s kids’ book based on the goings-on of teddy bears during the Covid-19 lockdown has become a handy fundraiser for children’s health research charity, Cure Kids.

Author John Cushen — pictured reading Lockdown with the Bears at Frankton Playcentre — estimates he’s so far raised $7000 to $8000 from selling 800-plus books.

They’ve been so popular he’s just reprinted another 200 books.

In addition, he’s given away about 100 to schools and preschools.

Cushen, who published the book with his wife Amanda, met recently with Cure Kids CEO Frances Benge.

In a note to them, she says ‘‘our fundraising has been impacted by the lockdown with so many of our generous givers being hurt, so your generosity is so timely and sincerely appreciated’’.

The book’s for sale for $15 via