Community win: Arthurs Point Outstanding Natural Landscape Society chair Tom Dery


A group fighting a visually-prominent 89-lot subdivision at Queenstown’s Arthurs Point is claiming a victory.

Arthurs Point Outstanding Natural Landscape Society (AONLS) had been unhappy the  council, through the proposed district plan process, allowed two developers to rezone ‘outstanding natural landscape’ (ONL) land for housing at Atley Road’s southern end.

After an appeal to the Environment Court, Judge Jon Jackson ordered council to renotify the submissions.

He was scathing council hadn’t made it clear in its summary ONL land was affected, and, as a result, the developers’ submissions were unopposed.

Council then went to the High Court to overturn the Environment Court decision, but was unsuccessful.

It then applied for leave to take the matter to the Court of Appeal but was knocked back on that, too.

The council and/or developers then had till last Tuesday to appeal to the Supreme Court, but didn’t do so.

APONLS chair Tom Dery says if the developers still want to press ahead, their application will have to be publicly notified — and council will need to ensure the public
are aware it’s on ONL land.

‘‘From the very outset, all we wanted is the opportunity to be heard regarding this development proposal.

‘‘Had the council been successful in their support of this development, it would have resulted in the sacrifice of an ONL boundary without any debate or community involvement.’’