Lights, camera ...: Shotover Media camera operator Floriane Caillot


A resort video production company’s given itself one hell of a challenge next month, which
will hopefully raise at least $3500 for the Wakatipu Community Foundation’s Greatest Needs Fund.

Shotover Media’s aiming to shoot 36 promo videos, for 36 different businesses, in just 36
hours — charging a cut-rate price of $495 per video for businesses wanting to upgrade
their digital marketing material for a good cause.

Director Pete Whittaker says it’s also about helping to support other small business owners.

‘‘The smaller businesses in town are run by owner-operators who are part of the fabric of the Queenstown community, our friends and neighbours.

‘‘We’ve tested the concept, and with years of experience we’re confident in being able to
smash the challenge, give something back to our local community and a charity that
has been a lifeline to the district.’’

The fund, established at the beginning of lockdown, was the brainchild of fundraising queen
Kaye Parker, who wanted to raise money to address gaps in central government assistance
to help those worst affected by Covid-19 in the community, and deliver funds to frontline
charities to help reduce their fundraising stress.

WCF swung in to support it immediately.

Foundation chief executive Jennifer Belmont says they’re ‘‘thrilled’’ to be involved in
Shotover Media’s challenge and says it’s a chance for local businesses to ‘‘build back better
than ever’’.

‘‘We are all about building community resilience and this couldn’t fit more perfectly with
our mission.

‘‘We are so grateful that our Greatest Needs Fund will be the recipient charity for the proceeds from the challenge.’’

The same video package on offer during the challenge would normally cost more than $2000 + GST — all profits from next month’s event, which will come to at least $3564, will go straight to the fund.

Whittaker says if it goes well, they’ll look to do it annually.

Shotover Media’s also creating a promo and awareness video for the foundation, free of
charge, worth more than $8000.

For more info, or to register, visit