Opening Shot: This carve-up’s going a mile too far


OPINION: You’ve been silent so long, Queenstown, writes David Williams.

In the last three years – how long I’ve been in the editor’s chair – you’ve put up with the creep of the town centre towards Gondola Hill, special housing areas filling paddocks near Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country and fast-tracked retirement homes to be carved into rural land.

What will you do now there are plans to carve up Ladies Mile? Especially if the special housing area process robs you of a say?

Many might have held back in the hope of affordable houses. Land supply is the answer, we were told.

Does $1 million for a house sound affordable?

I know titles for Bridesdale Farm, the town’s first fast-tracked development, have just been issued, but we appear to have lost sight of something.

Before special housing areas we used to have a say about how and where development should take place.

The district plan would lay it out. Environment Court judgements would protect our landscapes.

If you care about the way this town’s developed it’s time to get rowdy. Maybe email the mayor:

Even copy me in, if you like.

Because when Ladies Mile – which used to be a no-go for development – is to be carved up, who knows where’s next?