David Williams: Multi-storey parking simply must fly


OPINION: Some things defy mathematics, apparently.

For example, Mr Google tells me a man’s chances of having a brother for a sibling is one in three, not 50-50. Weird.

Another maths-beater could be a half-arsed job.

I think a half-arsed job is probably a quarter as good as doing things properly.

Consider Frankton’s BP roundabout. The traffic-strangling intersection is an abomination that is probably a quarter as good as a good one.

I think it’s cost this town’s economic productivity more than any other factor (well, unless you count skiing, but that’s seasonal).

Then consider what’s being done at Queenstown Airport right now.

It’s all great, right? Ripping up lawns, putting in coach parks, improving traffic flow and adding to the town’s orange cone population.

But the airport’s carpark will still fill up.

There’s $2.7 million being spent on improvethe main benefit being an extra 50 staff carparks.

I drove into the airport yesterday, to drop off my wife.

She looked out at the vast expanse of land surrounded by low-level buildings and said: “Put up a multi-storey [carpark].”

Now that would be a job well done.