OPINION: ‘Don’t assume Omicron is a walk in the park’


I write this as we all get to a point of being well and truly over this Covid business.

Unfortunately, though, it’s here for a while longer, and we need to stay vigilant and  continue to look out for each other.

Covid is certainly doing the rounds in the council office at present.

In my small corner of the office, recently three of our team of four have been away isolating.







It was reported in the media recently that the mayoress and I both tested positive a few weeks back.

Karen and I both count our selves as being reasonably fit people, both vaccinated and with a booster, but we were both seriously affected.

It was not a pleasant experience at all.

After my isolation, and I was officially Covid-free, I think it took another 10 days before I
would say I felt 100% again.

We’re pretty sure we know where we came in contact, and, unfortunately, it was from someone who didn’t take a responsible position when they knew they had been in contact with a Covid sufferer.

So, we got Covid.

It’s easy to become complacent and to think the rules put in place early in the pandemic can now be administered with more discretion, but I urge you to follow the rules,  maintain your isolation and register if you test positive.

Also, don’t assume that Omicron is a walk in the park.

It’s not.

If you test positive, be prepared for a period of significant unpleasantness, and don’t expect the recovery to be immediate.

Get plenty of rest and listen to your body — it’s likely it will need time to recover.

It’s all been said before, but it’s really important to be prepared for Covid by having adequate stocks of food in your house and anything else, such as medicines or pet food, on hand.

While many will have support people who will deliver in our hour of need, you need to be self-prepared in case your whole support crew goes down.

There seems to be a perception that once you’ve had Covid, life returns to normal immediately.

There’s a general view that you’re safe for a period of three months or so, and you can go and do as you like where you like.

That may not be the case.

I’m hearing of more than a few folk who have tested positive again within a few weeks of clearance from the previous infection.

We’re all beginning to understand Covid keeps on morphing itself into different variants, and we may be susceptible to these new variants as they enter the community.

I’m taking this opportunity to remind everyone that you need to continue to look after
yourselves by practising good hygiene, wearing your masks and just being generally careful.

I have asked health officials whether there is a second booster on the way.

They tell me they’re looking into it.

The point is, the first round of boosters had a shelf life and at a point in time I think it’s highly likely we’ll need a second.

I’ll let you know more when I know, but I can tell you I will be taking my turn in the  queue when the next booster turns up.

My message today is, be prepared, look after yourself, and if in doubt, get a test to protect those we love.

Jim Boult is Queenstown’s mayor