What’s in a name?


When Luke Courtney knocked on a random door at his uni hall of residence, he had no idea it would lead to a national tour and burgeoning music career.

Back in 2016, Courtney was an engineering student at the University of Canterbury.

He was also taking a songwriting elective paper, and needing to record some of his songs, he went in search of a guitarist.

“I found out this guy downstairs in my hall did play guitar, so I just went and knocked on his door and asked him to come record some guitar on my songs.’’

That guy downstairs was Andrej Radosavljevic.

“The following year we got a flat together and we just started writing songs on Friday nights, we’d just stay in all night and write songs, and at some point you decide you want people to hear the songs.’’

They started uploading their music to the net, on platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp.

“It was kind of that time where that kind of thing was becoming really accessible for independent musicians.’’

Four years and a shift to Wellington later, they’re now two of the five members of Same Name Confusion.

They’ve been joined by drummer Josh Dominikovich, bassist Sean Pearless, and guitarist Alvin Bartley.
The band is Queenstown-bound this weekend for their first ever show in the resort.

Courtney describes their sounds as “quirky observational pop’’.
“We like to give ourselves a lot of freedom in the arrangement and space sonically.’’

He says a lot of the songs on the band’s EP, In Theory, are pretty “minimal’’.

“We find that gives us a lot of scope to develop the live show, and then when we do play live, it’s all about presenting the songs in a really interesting, engaging way.

“We’re pretty big on energy.’’

When it comes to lyrics, he draws inspiration from “access into someone’s sort of thinking process, into their brain, into their life’’.

“I think it’s awesome when you listen to a song and you hear someone say something that didn’t have any subliminal meaning or anything, they’ve kind of just given you an insight into their life and how it is.’’


To catch Same Name Confusion, head to Yonder, Saturday, 8pm