Feel the rush


At just 16, Santé spent his summer holidays working in a
supermarket in his southern German hometown Ulm, to save money for turntables and a sampler.

His obsession with music had begun early in life, when he’d listen to jazz with his father and brothers at brunch every Sunday.

His taste evolved over time, and his love for contemporary house music got serious when he started visiting a friend, a drum and bass DJ who worked in a record store.

“He let me practise every day and use the house vinyls from the store.

“Through this connection, I started buying music equipment and got my little home studio set up,’’ Santé tells Mountain Scene.

After finishing school, he moved to Berlin to try to break into the business and managed to get a job as an intern at a studio, where he later secured a full-time position as a composer for five years.

Fast forward 20 years, and Santé has been touring all over the world as a professional house music DJ and producer for many years. He’s just dropped his second album Current II.

His new album features 13 tracks which reflect his new life in Portugal, where he spends a lot of time surfing.
Santé has played at some of the biggest clubs in the world, and is making his debut New Zealand show in Queenstown on Sunday at 1876, as part of the next Electric Rush session.

“Groove-driven” is how the artist describes his style of music, and the real joy of the job is watching people dance.

“It’s incredible feeling playing in front of 8000 people, and the energy transmitted is what sparks my creative process.

“On the night I go with the flow and see what the crowd like and feel.’’

The artist has four days to relax in New Zealand and plans to explore some of the country side.

“I’ve never been to Queenstown; it’s a great privilege visiting new and exciting countries.’’

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