Bring out your bras.

Tori Keating, above left, and Niki Davies, of xtravel, want Queenstown women to clean out their top drawers and donate any unwanted support garments for the ‘Uplift Project’/

The pair started collecting bras just before the Covid-19 lockdown for the project, which provides second-hand brassieres of all types and sizes to women in isolated and rural areas worldwide, where they’re often unobtainable, or unaffordable.

Our bras will be heading to the ladies of the Yasawa Islands, in Fiji.

While the Alert Level 3 and 4 restrictions threw a spanner in the works, the pair are now back on the collection trail and reckon lockdown cleanouts will result in more bras being donated.

Bras can either be dropped at Mitre 10 Mega, in Frankton, or the Mountain Scene office, on Athol Street, during opening hours, till the end of this month.

They’ll be flown to Fiji and distributed in villages and schools by Vinaka Fiji Volunteering.