Exonerated: Council says these mounds comply with district plan earthworks rules


QUEENSTOWN’S council admits mountain bike jumps created alongside Malaghans Road, near Arrowtown, are unsightly, but says they comply with earthworks rules.

Mountain Scene reported two weeks ago council’s enforcement team was investigating jumps built by the landowner Mike Robb’s mountain biking son, after concerns were raised.

Head planner Tony Avery tells one complainant, neighbouring landowner Kim Fam, council’s monitoring and enforcement team has looked into it.

‘‘It appears that the works while unsightly fall within the permitted baseline of our district plan earthworks chapter.

‘‘While we realise that doesn’t address your concerns about the visual impact of the works, at this stage there is little that the council can do, provided it remains within the permitted standards.’’

Fam says he’s ‘‘very disappointed’’ with council’s response, and feels the jumps take away from the area’s unique, rural character.

‘‘Although the council claimed the earthworks complied with the total volume of earthworks rule, I do not think they would comply with the two-metre height-of-fill rule.

‘‘Furthermore, there are two manmade mounds that are right on top of the ridge — I don’t think one can do that.’’