‘Tourist’ driver footage goes viral


Shocking footage of a driver repeatedly crossing the centre line on the country’s highest main road has been posted online.

The dashcam footage was shot on the Crown Range route between Queenstown and Wan-aka, in late January and uploaded to social media by Arrowtown man Damon Forde.

In 90sec of footage, the small blue vehicle crosses the centre line multiple times during its descent from the range, including on blind corners.

Twice the driver meets vehicles travelling in the opposite direction, but even then does not completely return to the correct side of the road.

“Should overseas tourists be allowed to hire rental cars in New Zealand?’’ Forde writes under the video.

“After following this driver over the Crown Range last week I personally would like to see only people with a NZ-issued licence on our roads. Driver was stopped by police and won’t be driving here again.”

The footage was filmed by Live24 New Zealand, which is run by Forde.

Forde wrote that he twice tried to stop the driver, but ‘‘he arrogantly just carried on’’.

He knew the driver was ‘‘a tourist and not drunk’’ because he was there when the driver was stopped, Forde wrote.

‘‘This was a rental car driven by an Indian tourist driving on a licence from his own country.’’

The footage has been watched 121,000 times since it was uploaded on January 28, been shared 1345 times and received 900 reactions.

A police spokeswoman said a driver received an infringement notice for failing to remain in the correct lane while driving in the Crown Range in late January, but she was not able to confirm if this was the same incident as that filmed by Mr Forde.

Police did not reveal the nationality of ticketed drivers, she said.

The driver of a camper van has frightened other road users after crossing the centre line and travelling on the wrong side of a notoriously narrow, windy road. — NZME