'Doing our bit': Darts players, from left, Ben Olive, Steve Hanrahan and Jonny Yates combined to save a comatose man last weekend


Two Queenstown darts players threw themselves in to rescue a drugged-up visitor face-planted in urine in a public loo early last Sunday morning.

Waiting by the resort’s Athol Street toilets for a ride home after a darts tourney, Jonny Yates and Ben Olive sprang into action after someone walked out of a cubicle saying, ‘‘ha, ha, look, there’s someone dead in there’’.

On opening the door, the pair found a comatose man in the corner.

Yates: ‘‘There’s this guy literally face down in a load of piss.

‘‘He’s got a big gash on his nose so he’s obviously either been punched or he’s fallen over in the toilet and he’s smashed himself on the nose.’’

He and Olive woke the man up and propped him up.

Yates: ‘‘He was spewing up everywhere.

‘‘He had some liquor and hooch in his pocket and his eyes were going back in his head — he was definitely on something else.’’

Olive, who’s had first-aid training, says they cleared his airways and kept him awake while an ambulance was called.

Yates says they established the man was a Kiwi from out of town staying at the nearby Jucy Snooze.

He estimates he was about 25.

While the pair kept him conscious, fellow darts player Steve Hanrahan kept an eye out for the ambulance.

Olive: ‘‘Me and Jonny felt pretty chuffed.

‘‘We were doing our bit, as the Prime Minister says, ‘be kind to each other’.’’

All three are pissed off about the man who left the victim for dead.

Olive: ‘‘He was an absolute wanker to do that.

‘‘You check someone’s OK, don’t you?’’

Yates adds: ‘‘It’s not the mentality of Queenstown.

‘‘I don’t want to cast aspersions out there, but if he’d have been left, he could have drowned in piss, whether it was his piss or someone else’s piss.’’

St John spokesman Gerard Campbell says an ambo was called at 2.47am.

The man arrived at Queenstown’s Lakes District Hospital at 3.20am.

He says the man was reported to be in ‘‘a moderate condition’’ and was suffering from a ‘‘breathing-related’’ issue.