Three Waters details revealed


Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent upgrading a $30 million Queenstown waste-water plant that opened last year.

But City Hall says the Shotover plant was always going to be completed in two stages.

Queenstown’s council’s released a list of projects that make up its major new Three Waters project.

Three Waters comprises multiple, staggered projects to improve and upgrade critical infrastructure in the district’s stormwater, wastewater, and water supply.

The exact cost of each project isn’t available due to commercial sensitivity.

But council did break them down into brackets, with three costing upwards of $1 million.

They’re the new Kingston wastewater scheme, and new water treatment plants at Two Mile and Wanaka’s Beacon Point. Six projects are set to cost between $400,000-$700,000, while the Shotover plant upgrade sits in the $200,000-$400,000 bracket.

Council programme director Gareth Noble says 300 workers will be needed to tackle the projects, which are currently out for tender.

Asked why the Shotover Wastewater Plant, which opened in February 2017, was in need of an upgrade, Noble says it’s always been intended to be a two-stage project to cope with growth.

“It’s not necessarily an immediate upgrade.”