It’s not your normal chicken teriyaki Subway.

The fast food giant’s just launched its ‘Feel Good’ TV ad campaign in New Zealand and Australia featuring a 9.5-metre-long ‘SubBoat’ floating on Lake Wakatipu.

Riding it, in order, are Queenstowners Matthew Bourque, Jen-ni Quante, Sue Bradley, Shakur Wairepo, Kwame Mensah, Sukaina Arini, Bo Fishe and Greg Dorn — six from talent agency Monarch and the others from Exposure and Ican.

Local casting director Jackie Gay says Aussie production company Happy Films wanted an ethnically-diverse cast ‘‘to reflect the diversity of Subway customers’’.

Bradley, a long-time windsurfer, says ‘‘they also wanted people who were going to be water-confident — we were warned there was a possibility we might go in’’.

Local art director/production designer John Allan – who enlisted some help from subbies – says the SubBoat, now residing in Australia, was made from a steel frame and features polystyrene coated with fibregass and latex as well as a drop down keel.

‘‘I’ve never designed a floating sandwich before, but there’s a first for everything in our business.’’