Hard yards: Ina Chalmers likely set a record by running about 11-and-a-half laps of Lake Hayes last weekend


Running one 8km lap of Queenstown’s Lake Hayes track is a hard enough slog, but
a local runner’s probably broken new ground by notching a staggering 11-and-a-half laps.

Ina Chalmers achieved the feat during a 100km run last Saturday which started and
finished at her nearby Lake Hayes Estate home.

The 39-year-old undertook the run in place of a 100km event within the Great Naseby
Water Race, which was postponed last weekend due to Covid.

She only completed about 50km when she did that run two years ago, attributing her
superior fitness this time to training from local running coach Adam Keen, of Aerobic

German-born Chalmers took off last Saturday at 5am, the time the Naseby run was to
have started, and finished 13 hours, 15 minutes later.

She ran the first half in her preferred clockwise direction, then went the other way to relieve boredom.

Her hubby, Andre, helped by going ahead and dropping off a portable aid station, which she stopped by during each lap.

Chalmers admits at about 70km she suffered ‘‘a motivational breakdown’’, which she attributed to being by herself all that time.

‘‘I was about to pull out, then two running mates messaged they were nearby, and that made me so happy I started running again.’’

Having a two-and-a-half-year-old and an eight-month-old meant there was little rest when she got home.

‘‘Reality hits you — with both kids having been minded by their dad all the time, then they want you, of course.’’

Chalmers’ feat last weekend was in fact her second big lockdown run.

In April last year, she ran and walked for 24 hours around an 80m square by her home, logging 102km in the process.

‘‘The last few hours I only walked pretty much — I was not as fit, without a coach.’’