Resort’s ad shoot slowdown


The “bread and butter” business for Queenstown’s film industry is starting to slow as the wider industry experiences unprecedented change.

Film Otago Southland boss Kevin Jennings says the biggest impact on local business in the past year has been a drop in medium and large TV ads.

“These have been the traditional bread and butter for the Queenstown-based industry – and as such we have seen a significant reduction in this type of work, this has affected the work flow for some local crew who focus on this market,” he says.

Businesses are instead targeting clients through online and social media productions

Those jobs might employ crews of two to 10 people, whereas traditional TV ads would have crews of 40 to 60.

“There are quite a few new players emerging in Otago and Southland to fill this demand and the barriers to entry are greatly reduced.

“The screen industry is in a time of unprecedented change.”

Jennings says a few large films and TV series were shot in the area last year, which bolstered the number of ‘shoot days’.

In the past financial year, there were 254 productions compared to 259 in the previous year.

There were 764 shoot days as compared to 632 in the previous year, an increase of 21 per cent.

“As far as next year goes, again we are in a period of un-precedented change and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who can say with confidence what will happen.”