Looking for a 'unique' buyer: 49 Hunter Rd


A veteran Queenstown realtor who’s no stranger to life style pads calls a new listing the best rural block he’s ever seen.

Harcourts agent Simon Hayes is talking about a 3.5-hectare property at 49 Hunter Road which Pauline and Brian Bayley have owned since 1973.

Hayes isn’t the only person who’s been seduced by its charms — even early in their tenure, it featured on several calendars and postcards.

The couple bought the block after months of searching — Pauline had suggested the family buy a holiday house after her mother passed away.

‘‘It had so many attractions from the beginning, including location, some aged Lombardy poplars, a specimen sycamore and a large pond local legend Alan Reid dammed in the 1950s,’’ Brian says.

‘‘It also had a mini canyon with a creek, magnificent pastoral valley and mountain views, easy winter access and maximum winter sun.’’

The family went on to plant hundreds more trees, including poplars, oaks, red hawthorns,
flowering chestnuts, cedars, blue spruce, larch, fir, maples, ‘rhodies’ and willows in the gully to provide a canopy for native beech trees.

Planting those trees, maintaining the grounds and building a tennis court and garage created strong family bonds, the couple say.

They still cherish their cottage, the lily pad-laden pond and all the trees but, now in their 80s, with children too far away to use it as a holiday home, ‘‘the time has come’’, Brian says.

‘‘We’re sure someone will love it as much as we have.’’

Hayes, who’s listed the block alongside colleagues Chelsey Koberstein and Allyra McGrath, says it’s ‘‘got a maturity only time can deliver, so we’re looking for a unique buyer for a
unique property’’.

It’s for sale by deadline sale closing February 24.