Local-friendly: Landlord Kim Wilkinson with Global Culture assistant manager Kym Jenkinson (centre) and Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons co-owner Bronwen Judkins waving discount-bearing locals' Go Cards


A Queenstown landlord and his tenants are urging locals to patronise, and help save, the CBD.

In recent years, many residents have bypassed central Queenstown in favour of Frankton, citing traffic congestion or lack of parking.

Now pharmacy building owner Kim Wilkinson and his tenants are spearheading a new initiative, offering discounts to locals showing their Go Card bus cards, and encouraging other CBD businesses to follow suit.

“With the lack of international tourism, businesses in the CBD are going to suffer more than most,” Wilkinson says.

“Now is the opportunity to take advantage of the lack of visitors and get reacquainted with local businesses.

“With the support of our local community, it will be possible for our local shops, cafes, bars and restaurants to make it through this tough time.”

Wilkinson, who formerly owned his building’s pharmacy business, says it’s also important landlords support their tenants, not only now but in months to come.

“It will be a long time before Queenstown returns to any sort of ‘normal’.”

Jenna McLellan, who manages one of Wilkinson’s tenancies, Global Culture, says now’s the time for locals “to enjoy their town being theirs again – with lots of parking, fewer crowds and a feeling you know everyone you bump into”.

“It’s actually an amazing vibe in town, we just need people to rethink.”

For locals who present a Go Card she’s offering 15 per cent discounts at Global Culture and 20 per cent off clothing at her CBD business, The Walk In Wardrobe.