Six-star digs: Coherent Hotel Ltd's proposed 89-room hotel in Fernhill, on land it owns adjoining the Kamana Lakehouse - formerly the Aspen Hotel - which it also owns. ARTIST'S IMPRESSION: SUPPLIED

Only one submission’s been received in support of Coherent Hotel Ltd’s plans for an eight-storey, six-star hotel at Queenstown’s Aspen Grove.

City Hall received 50 submissions on the controversial $100 million proposal, pegged for land sloping down from Fernhill’s Kamana Lakehouse, which Coherent also owns, before the cut-off last Friday.

The only one in favour came from Aspen Grove property owner Logan Skinner – but he has some caveats.

“Given the considerable number of jobs this hotel will create, I believe additional carparks for both staff and guests are needed,” his submission says.

“I would like to see at least 20 staff carparks in addition to one for each guest room.”

The developers are already proposing 91 underground parks.

He also wants stormwater and run-off from hard surfaces to be disposed of in a way that doesn’t put any more pressure on a nearby creek, which his property neighbours, and for the primary access to not be from Aspen Grove, “a narrow street”.

“I believe the Fernhill area is suitable for additional hotels given its proximity to central Queenstown and the considerable economic benefits they create both during construction and operation,” Skinner’s sub-mission says.

“I believe the impact of a well-managed hotel is considerably less than the impact of a poorly-managed rental property.

“The area has a large number of Airbnb properties, which have a far greater potential negative impact with no on-site management.”

A date’s yet to be set for the consent hearing.