Bright future: Budding Queenstown singer-songwriter Nehlia Chu


Watch your back, Lorde.

Young Queenstowner Nehlia Chu’s used lockdown to create her first music video, already
going viral.

The 12-year-old St Joseph’s School and Liger Leadership Academy student wrote the
catchy lyrics for Covid Will Be Stamped Out in about 10 minutes, and then worked remotely
with family friends Devon Gundry and Golriz Lucina, also based in Queenstown, on the backing track and music video.

Originally from Australia, Nehlia wanted to encourage Kiwis to stick together to beat Covid.

‘‘My cousins in Australia, they’ve been in lockdown for about two months now and I was
thinking about how they don’t get to go to school, and they don’t get to see people outside of their bubbles.

‘‘I don’t want that to happen to us, or to New Zealand, so I thought I would make a song
about Covid-19.’’

Performed by Nehlia — who’s never had any music or singing lessons — the whole process
took about three days and was uploaded to YouTube and Facebook on Tuesday morning.

Mum, Serene, says they’d have been happy if one person watched it, ‘‘but we’ve had quite an overwhelming response’’.

In just over 24 hours it had racked up more than 2400 views on Facebook, and just over 600 on YouTube.

Nehlia, who’s inspired by global news, wrote a new song on Tuesday ‘‘about Afghanistan’’.

‘‘I heard the people are being mistreated and people are trying to escape from the country
because of the Taliban.’’

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