Moving to GY: Kim Dotcom's rumoured to have splashed about $12 million on a home near Glenorchy


There’s a new Dotcom mansion, and it’s at the head of the lake.

Mountain Scene understands multi-millionaire web mogul Kim Dotcom and wife Liz have recently settled on a Wyuna Preserve home, near Glenorchy, for about $12 million.

The couple have tweeted photos and video this month, while apparently on the property,
and their black Mercedes SUV has been spotted around the township.

A long-time local, who recently saw the couple picking up a huge order of fish and chips, says it’s the ‘‘talk of the town’’.

‘‘They’ve definitely moved to Glenorchy — it’s the ultimate privacy up there.’’

Sources say the couple have bought a property formerly owned by Queensland developer
Peter Patella, and designed by Dunedin’s Mason & Wales.

It’s not their first time living in the Whakatipu.

In 2018, soon after their marriage, the couple briefly rented a Hunter Road property that once housed Tom Cruise.

The 47-year-old, who’s of German and Finnish extraction but a permanent New Zealand resident, told Scene in 2018 the Whakatipu’s the ‘‘most beautiful place in the world’’, and its residents more ‘‘chill’’ than Aucklanders.

He was arrested in 2012 after an infamous dawn raid by police on the original Dotcom mansion, a 2375 square metre, four-storey house in Coatesville, near Auckland.

Nearly a decade later, the United States is still trying to extradite him on a string of charges in a copyright case.

No extradition date’s been set as the matter continues to grind through NZ’s courts.