River's edge plans: A sketch of a potential commercial building on the old pub carpark


Two historic and very scenic development sites at Queenstown’s Arthurs Point are for sale again.

They’re the sites of the popular Arthurs Point Tavern, which dated back to 1882 and was demolished 10 years ago, and its former carpark on the other side of Gorge Road, which overlooks the famous Shotover River canyons.

Both are owned by Auckland-based Paul Halford, whose company Junction Pub Ltd —  originally including two other shareholders — acquired them in 2005.

Halford’s put up ‘for sale’ signs this winter to try to entice passing skifield traffic, in particular.

Two earlier ‘sales’, he says, fell through.

This time he’s had ‘‘a few inquiries’’.

‘‘Ideally, I think they should be sold together, but it depends on what comes along first, I suppose.’’

Any buyer’s welcome to adopt any of the plans he’s designed for the sites, he says.

For the 1468 square metre carpark site, which has a rural-residential zoning, there’ve been plans drawn up for a two-level boutique hotel including a terrace protruding over the river that’d have public access.

Halford quips that a former pub proprietor told him ‘‘there were more babies conceived in
the carpark than probably [patrons’] beds at home’’.

Blank canvas: One of two sites on Gorge Rd, at Arthurs Point, on the market

Meanwhile, he believes the 3105sqm pub site would suit multi-level apartments.

‘‘Because it slopes up, the back ones can look over the gorge.’’

Having not pursued any of the plans, Halford says ‘‘we decided as a family we might as well let it go if somebody wants to do it’’.

Although all the development latterly at Arthurs Point’s occurred on the other side of the Edith Cavell Bridge, these sites could come more into view if a pedestrian-cycling bridge, as has been mooted in various spots, is built in the vicinity.