Getting ready to get down: The Paint People's Charlotte Graf puts the finishing touches on Baby Box Charitable Trust trustee Caitlin Laurenson, centre, while her mum - fellow trustee and former mayor Vanessa van Uden - gets into the 'Graveyard Get Down' spirit


The Baby Box Charitable Trust’s had a booking at the Queenstown Memorial Centre since last September for its inaugural Halloween ball — and the trustees can’t think of a better time to get the community together for a good old-fashioned knees up.

Trustee and former Queenstown mayor Vanessa van Uden, one of the
founders of the charity which gives a box of goodies to every Wakatipu newborn, says the team had wanted to hold a proper fundraiser for a long time, but didn’t have enough time to organise one ahead of last Halloween, so got the booking in early.

Despite the Covid lockdown interruptions, this Saturday’s event’s looking to be a banger, she says.

‘‘It’s a fun thing for people to get dressed up without too much effort, everyone gets in the spirit and it’s about raising the profile for Baby Box as well, and raising some funds.’’

All proceeds from the event are going straight to the charity thanks to the support of other businesses, including MannMade Catering, which has donated grazing platters, and Check In, which is organising the VIP ‘Red Carpet Room’.

‘‘We were really keen to make it affordable,’’ Van Uden says.

‘‘There are no silent auctions — it’s just really about everyone having the chance to get together and boogy down to a really good band, The Flavour, and have some fun.’’

Van Uden says since the charity launched about two years ago just on 500 Baby Boxes, filled with goodies including knitted or quilted blankets, bibs, a book from Craig Smith, a smoke detector, and a year’s membership to St John, have been handed out across the Wakatipu to new parents.

‘‘It’s such a valuable thing.

‘‘Giving them out is one of the best experiences you can have in your life —
people just can’t believe that the community is giving them a gift like this.’’

The ‘Graveyard Get Down’ starts at 7pm on October 31 — tickets cost $35, from