It's a bar-ber: Mat 'Stitch' McErlain pracxtises his craft on Rhino's Ski Shack co-owner Bert Haines ahead of next Tuesday's opening of Bad Luck Barber; front is Haines' business partner James Ace


Opening only three nights a week, keeping Rhino’s Ski Shack going during the Covid era’s been a close shave for the owners of the Queenstown CBD bar.

Now, however, in a head-turning idea, it’s joining forces with a hairdresser, Mat ‘Stitch’ McErlain, who’ll operate a barber’s shop from the premises during the daytime.

It’ll be called ‘Bad Luck Barber’, ‘‘‘cos you can get a great hair cut and bad advice’’, bar co-owner James Ace says.

Ace used McErlain as his barber when he lived in Auckland, and was happy to help a mate start his first business when he shifted to the resort a few months ago.

The bar got permission from the council to double as a barbershop early this week.

‘‘For [McErlain] it provides an incredible opportunity, for us it helps us pay our rent,’’ Ace says.

‘‘We’ve just created something that’s not only going to kick Covid in the butt, but means we’ll come out of it and everyone’s winning.’’

The barbershop opens next Tuesday, the 13th — ‘‘it goes with ‘Bad Luck Barber’’’.