From the outback to Arrowtown


Highly-regarded Australian artist Jo Bertini is giving a free talk and slide show in Arrowtown on Tuesday about her time living with tribal Indians in India.

Organised by local artist Jane Burdon, the talk will focus on the paintings and weavings Bertini did while living in India about four years ago.

Burdon says she’s come to know Bertini well after attending her classes in Australia off and on for the past decade.

“She’s an amazing girl, she’s travelled widely.







“She has a passion for art, and a great sense of humour.”

The daughter of artists, Bertini studied fine arts at the University of Sydney in the 1980s before embarking on a career as a painter, writer, illustrator and printmaker, as well as a teacher and lecturer.

After living in Italy and France for a decade, she became fascinated with Australia’s desert landscapes while on a visit home during her grandmother’s illness and subsequent death.

Those landscapes have become integral to much of her work, and her semi-abstract paintings now hang in major Australian galleries, including the National Portrait Gallery.

She’s also received many prizes for her landscape and portraits.

Her talk, which will be followed by a fully-subscribed painting workshop, is on at Arrowtown’s Athenaeum Hall from 10am to 11.30am. Entry’s free, but a donation to the Cancer Society is appreciated.